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Dark Ophelia, Burlesque, Artist & Model

Dancing, posing in front of the lens and drawing have been her passions since early childhood. She studied textile design and, thanks to her artistic talent, designs and creates most of her costumes herself. In her work, she is inspired by the dark gothic music and art scene,  but also by the mysterious femme fatal glamor atmosphere of the 20s-30s of the last century. She has been dancing professionally since 2009, when she performed as a dancer with the Bellatrix group and later with the Wasteland Dancers. It was mostly belly dancing in the style of Tribal Fusion. Over the years, she also took acrobatic lessons on Aerial Silks or the sexy Exotic Pole Dance. Since 2017, she has also been professionally engaged in Burlesque. She regularly performs in Cabaret des Pechés in Brno together with Bohemian Burlesque, but also solo at foreign and Czech festivals, private and public events and parties or concerts. Since 2013 to 2023 Dark Ophelia was also a co-organizer of the biggest dark fusion dance festival Danse Macabre, which takes place every year in Brno.

  In addition to dancing, she is also engaged in photo modeling in various styles and appearing in music videos is no exception. In December 2021, she placed first as a photo model in the World Gothic Models - Vampire Royalty Contest.

 All this work of hers is also accompanied by a passion for drawing pictures that depict surreal and fantastical visions of her own world. She is the author of the Alchymistův Grál CD cover for the band Carpatia Castle and the designer  for the steampunk band Clockwork Animals.

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